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Mirror finish

2013.02.12 - Plymouth (1) 2013.02.12 - Plymouth (2)While Chris was working on the Kia, Chase was busy adding even more shine to the trunk lid that he painted on Friday. Make no mistake, that trunk was beautifully painted and would have looked great on any car. But this isnt just any car. This car is getting a High Performance Finish, so we are going the extra mile. Chase first started off by block sanding the trunk with 1000 grit paper, he then switched to 2000 grit paper. After that he went back over that with 3000 grit paper. Then the buffing process starts. He uses a heavy cut compound first to remove the heavy scratches. Then a mild cut compound to even further cut scratches. After that a super fine polishing compound to ensure a super glossy mirror like reflection. Just check out that picture of Chris. Pretty sharp!

More lot damage

2013.02.12 - Chevy (1) 2013.02.12 - Chevy (2) 2013.02.12 - Chevy (3)This Kia was dropped off today to get a new door. It just so happens that one of our used yards we buy from had one that was the same color as our customers car. It did have a few very small dents in it that had to be repaired first so Chris jumped on that as soon as the door came in. The car was dropped off an hour later. Pretty good timing.We were able to able to get the new door repaired and primed per picture 3. We were also able to get the new door installed on the car and the car sanded for painting tomorrow. However, those pictures didnt turn out all that well. We seem to have a run on parking lot damage here lately and this one falls right into that same category. The plan for tomorrow will be to get it painted so we can get it back together on Thursday and delivered back to the customer.


2013.02.12 - NissanThis is the Altima that we took in yesterday.Very nice turn around if I do say so myself. We turned this car in 2 working days. A small dent on the left quarter panel and a couple of pretty good scratches on the bumper are just a memory now. As you can see, the repair looks great. An undetectable repair, exactly what we shoot for.

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