Optima-izing efficiency

2013.02.13 - Kia (1) 2013.02.13 - Kia (2)This week  has been full of quick turn around vehicles for us. The white Altima, this Kia and hopefully the brown Altima will go just as smoothly. Yesterday we repaired the used door and installed it. We had enough time left in the day to get it sanded so we could paint it today. And we did. First thing this morning we taped it up and was putting color on it very early. Chase cleared it and a short time later we pulled it out of the booth to finish drying. This afternoon we put it back together. A little wash tomorrow morning and it will be ready to go. Two cars with 2 day turn arounds and one to go. That doesn’t happen often, but we’ll take it when I can get it.


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