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Day late

2013.26.02 - Rogue (1) 2013.26.02 - Rogue (2) 2013.26.02 - Rogue (3)This work on the Rogue was actually done yesterday but SOMEONE forgot to post the pictures. Anyway, the first picture show Chris doing what he does best, sanding. After he finished that up, he prepped it for Chase. The paint booth picture is after the application of the color coat and the pearl coat but before the clear coat. The last picture is the Rogue all back together. We did have it cleaned up for the customer this morning and the owner picked it up today. Another satisfied customer.

Scratch and dent

2013.27.02 - Armada (1) 2013.27.02 - Armada (2) 2013.27.02 - Armada (4)  This Armada has a few battle scars that needed to be addressed so the owner dropped it off get those taken care of today. We started by removing all of the emblems, the tail light and the wiper arm. We do this to ensure a good quality paint job just like the manufacture painted it. Next we sanded out the scratches and filled the dent. After the filler dries we block it out smooth and straighten out the low spot. We then tape up the surrounding areas to keep overspray off of areas we dont want it. A few coats of primer and a couple hours of dry time and this job is ready for the booth. After sanding the primer and the rest of the panel to be painted its time to slide it into the booth for painting. Time got away from me this afternoon so I dont have any pictures of the painting process but I did get one of it done in the booth. Tomorrow we will put this one back together and get it cleaned up and back to the customer. Not bad at all for a days work.
2013.27.02 - Armada (5)

Gone hunting

2013.27.02 - Accord (1) 2013.27.02 - Accord (2) 2013.27.02 - Accord (3) 2013.27.02 - Accord (5) 2013.27.02 - Accord (6) 2013.27.02 - Accord (7) 2013.27.02 - Accord (8)This Accord went hunting the other night and got one! The damage was fairly substantial but not as bad as it could have been. Chris went to work quickly on this one. The hood is getting replaced as well as the bumper and a/c condenser. A repair to the left fender will round out this repair.

Here we see Chris removing the busted up bumper. Poor fella, someone get that guy a creeper.

The repair on the left fender went smoothly. This picture shows the final layer of body filler to smooth out the wrinkles.

While the dent was getting fixed and a/c condenser was getting changed and charged, Chase trimmed out the hood. Trimming out is the process at which the inside parts of the new parts get painted their proper color.

Here is the car as we left it this evening. repaired, sanded and ready to tape up first thing. This one will be first in the booth tomorrow.

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