A little prep, a little paint

2013.02.03 - Firebird (1) 2013.02.03 - Firebird (2)This Firebird is in the shop to get a few bruises fixed and a new coat of paint, and today we have the bumps and bruises bandaged up and we started spraying a few of the parts. We changed the hood out for a sportier one with a Ram Air type look. Since its an aftermarket fiberglass part, we primed and blocked it out twice to be sure that the finish turns out nice. The body of the car is in excellent shape for its age, we had only a few little places to fix. The left fender was the only exception to that. At some point in its life it was involved in a minor little bump up and the fender was cracked in 2 places. The fenders are plastic on this car just like the Corvette’s. So a small bump up will crack them pretty easily. Picture 4 shows the car after all the sanding has been done. We sanded all the primer and went over the rest of the car with a scotch brite pad and scuff stuff to ensure all the edges are sanded and the car is clean.                    while we were doing that, Chase was in the booth spraying the hood, spoiler and mirrors. These parts are difficult to impossible to paint on the car except for the hood. We painted it off the car because we needed to be sure we were able to get paint over all the edges. Painting it off takes care of that.  Next week we will slide the car in the booth and give it the same treatment. 2013.02.03 - Firebird (4) 2013.02.03 - Firebird (5) - Copy 2013.02.03 - Firebird (6) 2013.02.03 - Firebird (7) 2013.02.03 - Firebird (8)

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