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Adam 12

2013.11.03 - Adam 12 (2) 2013.11.03 - Adam 12 (1)Friday we were able to get the wet sanding on the Satellite wrapped up. Today we got a great start on bringing the shine back. We got to step 2 before running out of time today. Our first step on buffing is to use a heavy compound to cut the sanding scratches. Then we switch to a milder cutting compound to remove the swirls from the first step. This is were we stopped. Tomorrow we will go over this again with a very mild polishing compound to remove the buffing swirls. Then finally we hand polish it to finish it off. Tomorrow these quarters will look like a mirror.

Punched in the mouth

2013.11.03 - 350z (2) 2013.11.03 - 350z (4) 2013.11.03 - 350z (1)Ever see those scraps of tractor trailer tires strewn about on the highway? Well this is what happens when you run over one of those. The owner of this 350 had no choice but to hit a chunk of tire and it too a hard lick to the grill. Upon first inspection it looks as though we just need a bumper and a splash of paint, but after removing the bumper we found a surprise. The impact was so severe that the tire broke the radiator support as well as a few other parts behind the bumper. The job of the radiator support is pretty self explanatory. It holds the radiator, A/C condenser and the hood latch. Because this is an insurance job, we will have to show them what we found and alert the owner. No big deal really, just protocol. As soon as we get the o.k. on everything, we will get rolling going on it asap.


2013.11.03 - Ouch! (1) 2013.11.03 - Ouch! (2) 2013.11.03 - Ouch! (3)This brand NEW Altima has already gotten a battle scar. These pictures show the results of an unfortunate accident one day after it was purchased. The damage is fairly substantial but not horrible. We will have to use our frame shop to pull out the quarter to see if it can be repaired or if it will have to replaced. Either way, its in good hands. We will do whats best for the car here. There are some bump ups that look really bad but fix pretty easily. Its possible this falls into that category. We will see once its back from the frame shop. We do know a new bumper, tail light and a bumper mount will be needed because these are defiantly not repairable. Stay tuned to see where this one goes.

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