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I can see clearly now…

2013.03.25 - Booth day (2) 2013.03.25 - Booth day (3)Friday Chris and I prepped the booth for what went down today. We scrapped, washed, scrubbed and sanded the entire booth. After all that we did a final rinse. See picture 1. Today, Chase and I suited up and painted the inside of the booth. 5 years and over a thousand cars later, the booth was in desperate need of a make over. Well, it got it. The white glossy paint will make the booth cleaner and allow for better light, making our jobs a little better and a life a little easier.


2013.03.25 - Camaro (2) 2013.03.25 - Camaro (3) 2013.03.25 - Camaro (4)This new body style Camaro is, yet another parking lot bump up. It was parked when someone got a little too close for comfort. It actually took a good lick. The bumper is gouged out so badly that it tore a hole in it and ripped one of the lower tabs that holds the lower valence on. Today, Chris took this bumper off and Chase  joined in to help take it apart. Later in the day I got started on fixing it. We first stared with gluing the torn tab back on. Next we smoothed out the gouge with the red filler in picture 3. This is a specially formulated filler made for plastic bumpers. This product really bites into the plastic and stays flexible to move with the bumper. Tomorrow we will block this down nice and smooth and prime it to take care of all the finer scratches from blocking. If all goes well we should get this one painted tomorrow as well.


2013.03.25 - Finally  (1) 2013.03.25 - Finally  (2)Remember this Altima? It was in  a very unfortunate accident 2 weeks ago. We finished it up last week but  I forgot to upload the images this past Friday. If you recall, the rear bumper, left tail light and left quarter panel all were damaged. As you can see now, the repair turned out great and the owner was really pleased as well.

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