Daily Archives: April 10, 2013

Quarters on

IMG_1181 IMG_1193 IMG_1190 IMG_1191 IMG_1194Today was a pretty prosperous day at the shop. Chase was busy trimming out the door for the Honda while Chris and I was fitting up the quarter. This took the better part of the morning  so this afternoon we welded it up. We installed the door to ensure that the door still fit the hole it was supposed to go into, as well as the tail lamp assembly. Once all that was fitting properly we welded it up.  Tomorrow we will do the body work and get it all seam sealed and primed up.

Covering the covers

IMG_1187These valve covers are from a 4.6 liter Mustang. The owner has been jazzing up this Mustang a little at a time and he chose to paint these covers to help dress up the engine compartment. The original color was a greyish black. Painting them silver will certainly make them stand out.

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