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A new start

IMG_1381 IMG_1382 IMG_1329 IMG_1330 IMG_1332 IMG_1336 IMG_1339 IMG_1344 IMG_1345 IMG_1351 IMG_1373 IMG_1343 IMG_1340Kelly Murphey over at Mur-Fab dropped our next project off today. A 1967 Camaro. As you can see he installed new floor pans, new quarters, new fenders, new cowl induction hood, and a new upper dash. Although it may not look like it now or by the list of new parts that were just listed, this car was in pretty good shape. We have fixed far worse. So today we had a few hours to spend on it so we all three got to work. Since this car has been media blasted, we had tons of media to remove out of the all the nooks and crannies. Media blasting removes all the old paint and rust leaving the car in bare metal. The black parts are the new parts. The greenish colored parts are original but have had a primer already sprayed on them. We will remove that before we really get started. We also removed all the panels today too. We still have quite a bit more gunk to blow out of all the seams because of the rain today. We do that real dirty work outside and with the spotty showers today we couldnt get quite done with that.

While the car was at Kelly’s and on the rotisserie, he sprayed the bottom with epoxy sealer and 2 coats of the Raptor liner. This will keep the bottom of the car very nice. Its really great for projects like this. It durable, looks good, and its water proof. We will do the same steps to the floor on the inside of the car. This one will get a big block, 4 speed, A/C, power steering and power brakes. This is going to be a fun project. Keep checking back to see this build all the way through.

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