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Roll on

IMG_1467 IMG_1484 IMG_1470 IMG_1469 IMG_1468The dent in this Rio was caused by a log rolling down the a hill and hitting the door. First thing we did was use a stud puller to pull the dent out. The stud puller welds a stud to the panel then we use a puller that attaches to the stud to pull the dent out. After the puller does its job, we use body filler to complete the repair. Once we got that straight we primed it. We did the primer blocked out today and the car ready for paint. Chase should be able to get this one knocked out in the morning with no problem.

Remember me?

IMG_1479 IMG_1478 IMG_1477This car was just in the shop about a month ago for hitting a chunk of tire on the high way. Well this time a car pulled out in front of him and he had no place to go. It looks worse than it really is. We did get all the bent parts off today to get an accurate estimate written. Hopefully we will get approval from the insurance company tomorrow so we can get rolling on this one.

Who needs an “A” team?

IMG_1475 IMG_1474 IMG_1473 IMG_1472 IMG_1471 IMG_1466 IMG_1465 IMG_1464 IMG_1480 IMG_1476 IMG_1497 IMG_1495 IMG_1485 IMG_1483 IMG_1481Who needs an “A” team? The guys and I have been putting in some good time on the Camaro and its paying off. First thing this morning, Chase sprayed the bedliner on the inside and trunk area as well as the inner front fenders. When he was done with that, he sprayed the semi gloss black on the other side of the inner fenders and around the inside of the rear body panel. This afternoon all three of us picked a panel and started blocking the slick sand that was sprayed this past Monday.Blocking is a procedure that ensures the panels are as straight as an arrow. It removes the waves and ripples. Its a very tedious process but well worth it. We first start out with 80 grit on a long block. We sand the panel with this until the entire panel is smooth. The low spots will show darker because the block glides right over it and the bare metal spots high spots. Body filler will be used to fill in the low areas and the high spots will be tapped down and filled. Once we have all the dents fixed we will prime these parts again. Phew! Believe me, it will pay off.

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