Back to life

IMG_1530 IMG_1531 IMG_1532 IMG_1534 IMG_1535 IMG_1536 IMG_1537 IMG_1538 IMG_1539 IMG_1544 IMG_1545 IMG_1547 IMG_1548 IMG_1551 IMG_1552This Maxima is in the shop this week to get a make over. Because the clear coat was breaking down so badly, we ended up having to strip the hood and trunk. The roof was pretty bad too but we were able to just sand it down really well and prime it in. You can see in these first two pictures we used a chemical stripper to remove the old paint. Once its all off, we sand it to smooth the metal up. Once that was done we started fixing the dents. As you can see there weren’t very many of them but since we are focused on quality, we fixed them. These dents were primed yesterday and we did get the rest of the car sanded today and washed. Tomorrow we will tape the car up and lay some paint down on it. Hopefully tomorrow we wont forget to get some pictures of it like we did today. Sometimes you just cant remember everything. Yeah, Ill try to do better.


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