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Oh so Cool

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Today we received a few boxes of goodies for the Camaro. The Vintage Air system came in. Vintage Air is a company that makes Air conditioning systems for just about any car imaginable. This unit will supply both heat and A/C. Here you can see us doing a mock up of where its going to be mounted. We also cut the holes for the vents, on each side and a center vent above where the controls mount in the dash.We also test fit the defrost vents which you cant see in these pictures. You can see where the bulkhead will be mounted. This part allows the coolant and the refrigerant to pass through the firewall into the unit and back out to the compressor and to the water pump. This test fit went very well. Hooking all that stuff up in a few months will be the challenging part.

Bad news Bears.

IMG_1621 IMG_1624 IMG_1625 IMG_1606 IMG_1609This poor Pathfinder took a beating last week. First of all it got backed into on Wednesday and put the basketball sized dent in the bumper and the slight buckle in the fender. Then on Friday it got backed into again and mangled the middle of the bumper as well as broke the grill and headlight. We now have in the shop where it should be safe for a few days. We will give it a face lift  while its here including a new bumper, grill headlight and fix that fender. We opted to go ahead and fix the fender while we wait on the parts to arrive. With a little luck, it will be back on the road by Friday.

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