Metal ready

IMG_1638 IMG_1636 IMG_1635 IMG_1634 IMG_1633 IMG_1632 IMG_1631 IMG_1630With the two Pathfinders in the shop we still found a  few hours to work on the Camaro. We were able to get the body sanded today as well as wire brush all the seams, nooks and crannies. We were able to get a good coat of All Metal in the seam were the quarters meet the roof. This stuff is a great water proof, tough as nails filler used for applications just like this. These pictures show Chase cutting down the filler with a DA sander. Once this is smoothed up, we will prime over this and use regular body filler to make is straight. We also put some filler on the seam where the factory air condition box was on the dash. When we install a Vintage Air install, we weld up this hole to make things look a bit better. We all three got in on the action on this one today, not sure how I missed Chris working on it. But I guess he got a good shot of me looking like a corn ball.  Anyway, if all goes well tomorrow, we are going to try to get this Camaro in the booth and prepped for epoxy and slick sand. We may not get it primed, but ready for Friday morning would be great. Lets see how long lady luck will hang out with us.

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