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IMG_1782IMG_1787 IMG_1788 IMG_1790 IMG_1769 IMG_1763 IMG_1757 IMG_1758This VERY nice Chevelle came in yesterday to get a face lift. We started today with dis-assembly and it as you can see it went pretty well. This car has only had one repaint during its life and has never been taken apart. Its in well above average shape. The only rust we have found so far is the bottom of both front fenders. The rust can be cut out and patches welded in with no problem. No need to replace them. While we were taking it apart, we found an old stick of Beech-nut gum. Not sure if they still make this but this one is definitely vintage. You will also notice the old card board windshield sun visor. This is an early 80’s style sun shade to keep in the interior of you car cool while its parked. We removed the interior  mainly to protect it. Being as careful as possible, we will still get dust and overspray on the interior. Just taking it out makes thing better and safer. Especially since it such great shape. This car only has about 80K on the ticker. It should turn out very nice since we are starting with such a nice car.

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