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What the #$%?

IMG_1844 IMG_1845 IMG_1857The owner of this nice Accord got a little to close to a much bigger truck and it left a mark. The fender is pretty weak in this area because there is no bracing behind it where it got bent. The owner didn’t even know he had hit anything until 2 days later. He remembered thinking he got real close to a truck a few days ago, so close in fact, that when it happened he got out and checked the truck for damage. When none was found he thought “cool” I missed it. Well, he didn’t check his car. His car was the one who lost the battle.  Because the damage was pretty severe, we elected to replace the fender. We did get it in today and was able to get it trimmed out. This process is where we paint all of the edges. The part where when you open the hood and see the inside part of the fender. The edge along the door gaps and where the bumper bolts up was also painted. Once that dried, we installed the new fender then sanded it. We also sanded the door to ensure an undetectable color match. As good as we are, its almost impossible to paint a silver fender and put it on the car and it match perfectly. So instead of chancing it, we are going to blend some of the color into the door. This gives a more subtle transition from the fender color to the door color. We ran out of time on painting this one today. But its set up to go first in the booth tomorrow. Tomorrow the paint booth will be hoppin!!

There’s a hole…

IMG_1848 IMG_1849 IMG_1846 IMG_1847 IMG_1852 IMG_1855

This F250 had a slight bubble under the fender  lip. It didnt look all that bad until we ground it down.  When we did that, a pretty big hole opened up. No big deal really, we just had to change our plan of attack on fixing it. Once we found the extent of the damage we cut out the old rusty metal and Chase, ( Iron Man ) fabricated a new piece to go in its place. Once he was happy with the fit, he welded it in. Once it was fully welded in, he ground down all the welds with a grinder and put a coat of Kitty Hair over the welds. Kitty Hair is a fiberglass reinforced filler that is waterproof. Once that was dry, we blocked that out and then used body filler to finish up the repair. We did get this in primer today as well, but neglected to get a picture of it. Tomorrow we will block out the primer and prep the rest of the panel for paint. We should get this painted tomorrow as well.

Jive talkin’

IMG_1850 IMG_1851 IMG_1854 IMG_1853Back on the Camaro today. We Were able to get almost all of the body work finished up. There are only a few places left to go back over and ensure they are up to par. Chris and I spent most of the day blocking out filler on the roof. On most cars the roof is pretty straight. There are the occasional ones that have hail damage but this car had its share of some pretty good sized dents. Not sure if at some point in time there was a dance party up there or what. Could have been an out door Bee Gee’s concert and people boogied on the roof, who knows? But anyway, another few hours and we will have the body ready for the final urethane primer. That means that once that is done, the entire car is ready for final blocking then paint. We are moving right along on here.

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