Gettin er done

IMG_1898 IMG_1900 IMG_1901 IMG_1899IMG_1902 IMG_1905 IMG_1906 IMG_1907 IMG_1908 IMG_1909We are continuing to plug along on the Jeep. Today we were pretty prosperous on it. We were able to prime in the body work areas, get the new fenders trimmed out and installed. We also pulled the old rubber windshield gasket so we could replace it. We chose to prime in the whole hood because the clear was breaking down some but not bad enough to have to strip the entire panel. Sometimes these things are judgement calls. Depending on the severity of the damage, what the customer expects and what they are willing to pay determines where we draw the line. In this case the hood just wasnt bad enough to justify taking it all the way down to metal. Priming it was the best way, so thats what we did. We also was able to the top painted today. these tops are fiberglass and have a textured flat black look to them. We scuffed it down washed it and prepped it up and Chase applied several coat of our semi gloss black paint. When this is reinstalled on the vehicle with the new teal paint, it will really make all the difference in the world. It should really dress it up. Tomorrow, we should finish sanding the body and get it all washed up. Its really coming along.

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