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Grand fanale

IMG_1931This Elantra is complete and ready to go home. After smashing into a tractor trailer tire on the highway, all the broken, bruised and battered parts are fixed up and good as new. You can almost hear is say, Ahhhh.

An umbrella?

IMG_1912 IMG_1914 IMG_1918 IMG_1925 IMG_1926 IMG_1927 IMG_1929 IMG_1930When the owner of this brand new Accord told me that an umbrella hit his door and he needed an estimate, I though ok, no big deal. Then I opened the pictures and thought, WOW! that was some umbrella. But getting further into the conversation I learned that it was a restaurant umbrella that fell over as a result of the storm that moved through here last week. OK, that makes more sense now. So what we did here was ordered a new molding, and repaired the door. We started by removing the old molding. This enabled us to get to the back side to pull this dent out to align the metal before applying filler. After straightening the panel, we primed it. Once the primer was good and dry we blocked it out and prepped the two doors for paint. We blended the front door on this car to ensure a good color match. After Chase laid down the base coat it was time for the clear. The clear is the layer of protection that provides the gloss and the protection for the color coat. Tomorrow we will reassemble the doors and send this one to clean up. Being a brand new car, I’m sure the owner wants to get back in it.

Freshen up

IMG_1910 IMG_1921 IMG_1932This Camry came in today to get the rear bumper freshened up. A repair done on this bumper years ago has held on as long as it could. Like everything else, nothing lasts forever and the clear on this bumper is no different. We started by removing the bumper and sanding all the peeling clear until if feather edged. This means that we sanded it until there was not edged, or until the edge was as thin as a feather. Then we primed all the areas that were sanded. Then, after sufficient drying time, we sanded the primer and prepped the bumper for paint. Trying to keep up with our quick turn around time, we went ahead and painted it.  I was able to get a picture of it in the booth with base coat color on it but missed the clear coat picture. The last picture shows the finished product. Not too bad for one day, huh?

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