Freshen up

IMG_1910 IMG_1921 IMG_1932This Camry came in today to get the rear bumper freshened up. A repair done on this bumper years ago has held on as long as it could. Like everything else, nothing lasts forever and the clear on this bumper is no different. We started by removing the bumper and sanding all the peeling clear until if feather edged. This means that we sanded it until there was not edged, or until the edge was as thin as a feather. Then we primed all the areas that were sanded. Then, after sufficient drying time, we sanded the primer and prepped the bumper for paint. Trying to keep up with our quick turn around time, we went ahead and painted it.  I was able to get a picture of it in the booth with base coat color on it but missed the clear coat picture. The last picture shows the finished product. Not too bad for one day, huh?

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