Daily Archives: June 24, 2013

Prime on

IMG_1974 IMG_1973 IMG_1972 IMG_1971 IMG_1970 IMG_1969This morning we jumped on the Camaro first thing to get the final coat of primer on the body. We masked off the areas that we didnt want primer then started with a coat of epoxy on the bare metal spots. After that had plenty of time to dry Chris laid down 4 coats of urethane primer.  The next step here will be to start blocking out this primer to prepare for paint. We should get to spraying some color on the body parts later this week. Its always fun times when the color starts going on. This is when the hard work really pays off.

And here we go

IMG_1975 IMG_1976 IMG_1977 IMG_1978With every great paint job there are hours upon hours of sanding. So today we got started sanding the Chevelle that was blasted last week. Like all projects we do, we started with 80 grit sand paper on a dual action sander. Chris and I sanded the fenders until they were smooth and shiny. This will ensure that the layers of primer and paint that are to come have a good clean substrate to stick to. We spent the better part of the afternoon on the fenders and were able to almost get them finished. We will have to go over some nooks and crannies in the morning but they are just about ready for the first steps of primer. We will probably wait until we have several things to go in the booth before they are primed though. Headlight doors, hood, doors will probably all get ready and primed at the same time. Being that this car is in great shape, it should move pretty quickly.

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