Daily Archives: July 17, 2013

Oh deer,

k95fdh0gbn5qpcqfgOne of my repeat customers got smacked by a deer yesterday. When I say repeat, I mean that I have worked on every single car he owns. Any way back to the deer. He was only an 1/8th of a mile from work when the deer came out of the woods. He moved all the way over the other lane and slowed down to a crawl when the deer attacked. She ran right into the side of the car so hard it completely caved in the front door and bent the front edge of the rear on. The black smudge on the door is, well, lets just say that when the deer hit the car, it knocked the “mess” out of the deer.

This Civic will be getting two new doors a small repair on the right fender. A repaint of the entire side is also in order.

My SD card is missing in action so I’m having to use a picture from the owners phone. Much better pictures will follow tomorrow.

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