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Hood’s good.

IMG_2153 IMG_2152We had some time today to get the hood blocked out on the  Chevelle so we did. Chris started blocking the slick sand out with 80 grit then I was able to help out some when he switched to 180. We block it with 180 after 80 because the urethane primer is not intended to fill 80 grit scratches. It will fill 180 with no problem though. Tomorrow we hope to get the hood in final prime to match the rest of the parts. Oh, there were no dents found in the hood either. Quite amazing for a 41 year old car.

Strange wreck indeed

IMG_2144 IMG_2146 IMG_2150 IMG_2151This Rogue has been in pretty strange bump up. The damage on the outside dosent really look all that bad. When you dig a little deeper, you see quite a bit of damage. Bad enough to blow the air bag. The only cosmetic part we will change is the front bumper. The reinforcement bar in the second picture is the part that actually protects you. The bumper cover is just for looks. It did its job here for sure. We will also be changing the radiator, condenser and the upper radiator support. You would think from all the damage behind the bumper, the bumper would be completely obliterated. Strange things happen. This is one of them.

Civic update

IMG_2154Here is an update on the Civic. We have everything disassembled and waiting on parts. They should be here in the morning. If so, we will will get the doors trimmed out, dent in the fender fixed and start putting it back together so we can paint it next week.

Looking good

IMG_2141 IMG_2142This Corolla came in earlier this week. Someone had backed into it on the right quarter panel and rear door area. We got them fixed up pronto and also fixed a few scratches that were in the door and fender for them while it was here. I took pictures of the repair process like we always do but that pesky SD card grew legs and walked off. So, you get the finished pictures. Enjoy.

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