Daily Archives: July 22, 2013

Bumper bumper

IMG_2185 IMG_2186Today we received all the parts for the Rogue with exception of a few small items that should arrive in the next day or so. So, not wanting to waste anytime, we went ahead and painted the bumper today just so it would be ready when the other parts arrived. This will allow us to keep things moving through the shop in a smooth motion. The first picture shows the bumper after sealer and base coat. Notice there is no shine there. The second picture is after the clear coat. That is where the shine and protection come from. Hopefully tomorrow the build up of the radiator and radiator support on this one will take place. Along with the charging the A/C and the install of the bumper. Then its off to get those air bags and air bag sensors installed at the dealer. Because of the special tools and diagnostic equipment needed to install those item, we send the cars to the dealership. Air bags cost way to much money to take a chance hooking one up and it blowing out again. So we let the people who know best do these types of jobs. Its just not worth it.

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