Daily Archives: July 24, 2013

Not so blue

IMG_2192Today we finished up the Civic. Its the one that had a deer that wanted to go for a ride. As you can see it turned out pretty nice. After two new doors and a repair in the fender you cant even tell it was repaired. The owner was very pleased with the repair but hopes he dont see us again for a while. Thats something we hear quite often actually.

Oh, how cool

IMG_2189 IMG_2190It was back on the Rogue today. Chris got right on it this morning. He built the radiator support and installed the radiator and condenser. We then filled the radiator and charged the A/C system. Once all that was done and tested, we installed the bumper and took it over the the Nissan dealership to install the airbags and the other items associated with that. We sure hope to have this one back tomorrow. The owner is missing her vehicle.

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