Daily Archives: July 25, 2013

Good day

IMG_2201This Lexus came in this morning to get a new rear bumper. The owner tells me that it got damaged by backing into a block wall while on vacation. She also made sure to let me know that it was her husband that was driving when this happened. With him not here to defend himself, and learning a L O N G time ago that its best to agree with the wife, I chose to agree that men are horrible drivers. (wink wink) Anyway, the bumper wasn’t really all that bad but it was scratched in the lower part that is textured. So the best option was to replace the bumper. This job went very smoothly. The new bumper came in this morning and we were able to get it prepped and painted early enough to get it put back on the vehicle in the same day. We also had time to get it cleaned up for the customer. New bumper and all cleaned up for the weekend.  What a good day!

Shine of the times

IMG_2195 IMG_2196 IMG_2197 IMG_2199 IMG_2193 IMG_2194Today we did a little wet sanding and buffing on the Camaro parts. Here we have the hood. Chase blocked it out with 1000 grit paper to smooth out what little orange peel was there and to smooth the unevenness of where the stripes are. Then he hand sanded the panel with 2000 grit paper. Once that was done, he went over the panel with 3000 grit paper on a DA sander. This makes buffing much easier. The buffing steps are very similar. Chris took over at this point so Chase could paint a bumper for a Lexus that will show up in the next post. Chris started with a heavy cutting compound and a white buffing pad. This step removes all the heavy scratches. Then he switched to a polishing compound  to bring the shine back up. After that step he went over it with a very fine polishing compound to remove the swirl marks. After all this, a good hand polish to put the finishing touches on it. We also were able to get the buffing on the trunk done today as well, but we didnt get any pictures of that.

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