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Quick turn around

IMG_2283 IMG_2275Today we had a customer drop off to get the rear bumper fixed on her Camry. First thing was to remove the rear bumper. We then sanded the repair area in preparation for the filler used on rubber bumpers. That is the red stuff on the corner. We then primed that area and set it aside while the primer dried. After lunch and a few hours of dry time, we sanded the primer area and put it in the booth for paint. Sorry for the lack of pictures. With several things going on in the shop I forgot to get the pictures. As you can see Chase did get it painted today so tomorrow we will get it installed and back to the customer.

Get the door

IMG_2281 IMG_2282We received the door for this Altima a week or so ago. The customers schedule just permitted her to drop it off today. She is going out of town and wont need the car for the next week so this worked out best for her. We already had the door trimmed out so that we could get the part on and keep it moving through the shop even though its no rush, we will still get it done in a timely manner. We want to keep the flow of work steady, and just because she is not here, we not going to drag it out. There were two tiny dents in the used door so we also had those repaired before today as well. Late this afternoon, we sanded it and washed it so it will be ready to go in the booth tomorrow.

Murray Champion

IMG_2173 IMG_2174 IMG_2175 IMG_2171 IMG_2172 IMG_2277 IMG_2278 IMG_2279 IMG_2280This is a Murray Champion pedal car. They made 2 versions of this model, a straight side and dip side. This one is the dip side version. This pedal car still belongs to the original owner. He has decided he want to bring it back to its original luster. This version was first introduced in 1951. I am not sure what year this one was made, but I can assure you that it has been well used and loved over its life time. We first started by disassembling the car. Then we sand blasted the parts that would fit in our cabinet. The body will go out to the same blasters that do our full size cars. New wheels, hub caps, tires, steering wheel and decals are all in order here. We are good, but not quite that good. The rest we will recondition and paint as best we can. It should be fully operational when finished. Stay tuned to see the progress.

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