Daily Archives: August 12, 2013

Battle scar

IMG_2323 IMG_2322This Frontier was used last weekend to move a student into college. They had the truck loaded down with all the stuff he needed and a car load of buddies followed to provide the strong backs to do the heavy lifting. Well, sometime during the unloading process the door got a good scratch in it. The owner of the truck is pretty particular of his vehicles and couldn’t stand for a scratch so he called us to get if fixed up. We started by removing the door handle, mirror and belt molding. This reduces the amount of taping we have to do and thus eliminates the chances of peeling paint and over spray on these items. Then we repaired the scratch by sanding it out and smoothing it up. Chris then primed it. After lunch the primer was dry enough to sand and we prepped the rest of the door and fender for paint. Once all this was done, it went into the booth for paint. Oddly enough, this is when we picked the camera up. Chase took over here and sprayed the silver and clear. Tomorrow we will get the door put back together and get it backed to the owner.

Its electric!

IMG_2319 IMG_2320 IMG_2321We started wiring the Camaro today. Not really getting heavy into it right now, just laying it all out to see how things are going to lay out and doing what we can to keep the project moving. We still have to install the steering column pedals, engine and transmission before we really get rolling on it. We should get that stuff done this week.

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