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Another one bites the dust

IMG_2357 IMG_2364 IMG_2367This Rogue was involved in a minor bump up. Not really bad at all but the owner did want to get it fixed because it is a new car. The damage was repaired with a special filler designed for plastic parts. Once  the bumper repaired we primed the repaired area. We then blocked the repair and prepped the rest of the bumper for paint. We didnt get any pictures of the paint process, but we did get one of it finished up and getting put back together.  We then had it washed and delivered it to the owner. She was very pleased with the repair and how even more so on the quick turn around time.

I’ve seen better days..

IMG_2372 IMG_2374 IMG_2373 IMG_2379 IMG_2377This Subaru had an unfortunate bump up with another car the other day. They came to the right place. This is a typical front end damage for a car. A lot of times, just before a collision occurs the driver applies the brakes which causes the front of the car to dive. When this happens the bumpers do not meet and one car goes under the one in front. This a lot of times causes more damage because the hood, radiator support, head lights all take the all impact instead of the bumper. Chris disassembled this car today and we wrote up a list of parts that its going to take to get it back on the road. We will get those ordered tomorrow and this will be our first victim next week.

Making it cool

IMG_2381IMG_2370IMG_2384 IMG_2380Sorry for the lack of posts these past few days. I have been taking pictures, but have not had time to write. Sometimes life gets in the way. So, here is an updated on the Camaro. We have been wiring the inside and the engine over the past few days. All the wires for the console and the gauges in there are wired as well as the starter, distributor, wiper motor, alternator, oil pressure and temperature sending units are all done. While I was doing the wiring Chris and Chase installed the A/C compressor and the radiator support. We will start installing the fenders and doors soon. This will then allow us to run the wires for the head lights and turn signals. We will continue to keep plugging along on this project. Its on the downhill stretch now. The owners will riding in style in no time.

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