Daily Archives: September 1, 2013

We have color

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After a very busy week, we had Friday fairly free and open. Or, at least the booth was open. So we slid the parts in from the Chevelle we trimmed out a week ago. We masked off the back side of these parts and prepped the top side for paint. Chase sprayed a coat of white sealer on them, followed by 3 coats of Special Blue. The color on this car is very rare. It is a color that was only sent to North Carolina. Chevrolet called these cars “Carolina Baby’s” So being that this is a rare color the owners decision on what color to paint it was very easy. The three coats of color was followed by 3 coats of high solids clear coat. This will provide us with enough material to wet sand and buff. We will let these parts dry for a week or so, then put the High Performance Finish part on these parts and paint the strips on the hood and trunk. Thats right, as if this car wont look good enough the  way it is, we will also paint racing stripes on here as well.

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