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What a difference

IMG_2572 IMG_2569 IMG_2574 IMG_2578 IMG_2579 IMG_2580 IMG_2583 IMG_2586 IMG_2587 IMG_2598 IMG_2610 IMG_2611 IMG_2612Yesterday we finally were able to spray the pedal car. The long time readers of the site will remember when this early 50’s pedal car came in. It was pretty rough with years and years of wonderful miles put on it. But now it was our turn to bring this old toy back around and let it live its glory days in style. When we got it in the booth, we started with a coat of sealer over the primed body work. Once that was dry enough we sprayed the silver on the parts that were to be silver then while that dried we shot the other parts their correct colors. The wheels were red and white two tone, the hood ornament was silver and the inner working parts of the car were blue. Once the silver was dry, we taped it up so we wouldnt get any blue on them.  We then painted the car inside and out with the blue. Once all the colors were sprayed and dried, 2 coats of clear coat was applied to all of them. This morning we started putting it all back together. Once that was done, Chase took it for a test drive. When he got back, we installed the decals. New tires, wheels, hub caps and steering wheel round out the parts that had to be replaced. Now that its all back together, I cant believe how good it turned out. This thing was truly a diamond in the rough

Sally better slow down

IMG_2599 IMG_2607 IMG_2609This Mustang is in the shop to get some road rash taken care of. We will be replacing the right fender and right head lamp. We will repair the trunk, front bumper, and the rocker panel molding. We will have the parts in the morning so we should be able to get the fender trimmed out and installed. As you can see from the pictures we did get the glue on the bumper to get fix the crack. That will get finished up tomorrow as well. We also were able to get the dents in the trunk fixed. Little trimming tomorrow, priming and install the fender and Sally here will be ready for paint early next week.


IMG_2591 IMG_2594 IMG_2596Today we put the the gauges together. Chris cleaned up the metal housing yesterday in the sand blaster, then prepped it for paint by sanding it then spaying a coat of epoxy primer followed by bright white. The white will reflect the light from the bulbs which will make the gauges glow better at night. A new speedo and tach were installed followed by the new circuit board. This dash will be standing tall.

Olds turning new

IMG_2590 IMG_2589Yesterday we refixed the dent was put in this door when the car was just 6 days old. The owner had gone into a store and when he came out, he found a nice dent that some one left for him in his new car. He had the dent fixed way back in 1985, and they did a great job. We just figured it would be best to pull that old filler out and redo it since we were repainting the rest of the car. Although its a large spot, the filler is actually pretty thin. We did get this all fixed yesterday but have not primed it yet. Maybe tomorrow.

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