Daily Archives: September 19, 2013

Hide away

IMG_2644 IMG_2645 IMG_2649 IMG_2643Today we put the head light buckets on the Camaro and wired them up. This Camaro has hide away head lights. This means that during the day, or when the lights are off, the bulbs are hidden behind covers that look like the grill. When you turn the lights on, a motor power opens the the doors and the lights come on.  These pictures were taken early in during the install process. We still had to remove the left fender to attach the fender emblems, so they alignment is fine tuned on the left fender in this picture. We did in fact get those emblems on today and the fender back on and the light assembly in and properly aligned. You can see we also installed the bracket that holds all of the relays and the circuit breaker that are used to power the hide away lights. The American Auto wire kit did not come with the extension to power these so I ordered one today. We should have that in next week.

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