Daily Archives: September 23, 2013

Fire up the grill

IMG_2657 IMG_2658 IMG_2659 IMG_2660 IMG_2661 IMG_2662 IMG_2663 IMG_2664Most of the day was spent working on the Camaro again today. We are so close to doing an electrical check that I thought we would just keep moving this one along until we get that done. The left head light tried our patients a bit today. It didnt want to fit the hole or line up with the grill too well. So after giving it a stern talking to we worked it all out. We even installed the upper header panel and aligned the hod up today. Once the harness for the hide away headlights comes in, we will have the wiring pretty well buttoned up. Glass and a few other little knick  knacks and this one will be ready for a few final mechanical touches.

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