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What a difference

IMG_2843 IMG_2844 IMG_2845The owner of this GMC truck picked up today. He was pleasantly surprised. He said it looked better than the day he bought it way back in 1989. I must agree, it did turn out pretty nice. All the dents were repaired, new body side moldings, and a nice base coat clear coat finish really made this truck stand tall again.

Versa’s ready

IMG_2842This Versa that we painted yesterday was put all back together today and cleaned up for the customer. After all the work that was done to this car, it really turned out great.

Its shiny again

IMG_2831 IMG_2832 IMG_2833 IMG_2836 IMG_2837 IMG_2838 IMG_2839 IMG_2840 IMG_2841This morning we pulled this Versa out and blocked out all of the primer spots then used a scotch bright to sand all the edges. This ensures good paint adhesion on the panels. After scotching the panels, we washed the car. Once it was dry, we rolled it into the booth and started prepping it for paint. We masked off the areas that we didnt want to get paint on. We started by spraying on a coat of sealer on the primer spots. After that dried we followed that with several coats of color then 2 coats of clear. Tomorrow we will get it back together and cleaned back up for the customer.

Its a wrap

IMG_2821 IMG_2823 IMG_2824 IMG_2825This Olds 442 has been in the shop for a while getting a new make over. We painted this one all over, painted the gold in the wheels, installed a new windshield, body side moldings, bumper moldings and new pinstripes all the way around. Today we were finally able to put the finishing touches on it. As you can see it turned out pretty good. This one will definitely be turning heads on the streets.

Here a dent, there a dent..

IMG_2814 IMG_2815 IMG_2817Here we have an almost new Sentra that has come in to get some dents repaired. Like always, we started with the removal of the door handles, belt moldings, and mirror. Then we marked all the dents to be repaired then knocked down the high areas with a body hammer. We then sanded the areas to that needed filler so the filler would stick. We then blocked out all the body work. Once we were happy with the straightness of the panels we prepped the car for primer. We put it in the booth, masked off the areas that didnt need primer and we then applied 3 good coats of high build urethane primer. Tomorrow we will block out this primer and prep the car for paint. If all goes well, this one will be blue tomorrow.

Out &%$# scratch

IMG_2805 IMG_2806This little Versa came by to get a scratch repaired. We were almost able to save the customer some money by buffing it out, but not quite. The scratch was just a little too deep to come out. So, we sanded the panel removed the door handle and painted it. Now its a good as new.


IMG_2808This bug was dropped off last week to get the fender repaired on. We did get it fixed up and painted last week and the owner picked it up on Friday. It really turned out very nice.

Silver streak

IMG_2795 IMG_2794This is the Altima that we repaired yesterday. We blocked out the repair areas and sanded the rest of the panels for paint then we washed the car to ensure a nice clean job. Once all that was done, we put the car in the booth and taped it up for paint. Chris pulled the trigger on this one and he did a great job. Silver is one of those tricky colors and with a bit of instruction he had this one going with no problems.  Once all the silver was on, he then sprayed 2 coats of high solids clear coat. Tomorrow we will put it all back together and get it cleaned up for the customer and get it back to her. Im sure she will be glad to get it back.

Old friend back again

IMG_2792 IMG_2793This awesome little ’64 Beetle is back in the shop to get the rear fender repaired. We painted this car about 4 years ago and its still standing tall. The owner has a two car garage that he is able to fit 3 cars in, well most of the time. You see when he was backing out, he got a tad close to the garage door and it just barely scraped the paint off. Kinda like a slight knick shaving. There was no dents, just shaved paint. So, Chris and Jordan jumped right on it this morning. They removed the bumper and tail light then the fender beading. Chris then blocked out the scratch in the paint until it was smooth, then he primed it in. Late in the day Jordan blocked out the primer and sanded the rest of the fender for paint.  We will get this in the booth in the morning and sling some paint on it.

Clearly the glass is in

IMG_2791 IMG_2790 IMG_2789Today Tony from Tony’s Headliners came by the shop to install the headliner. He did a great job on it. Just as soon as he was wrapping up, the glass guys came by to put the front and back glass in. We only have a few things left to do to this one before its in the history books. Door glass, seats, door panels, hood and this one will be a wrap.

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