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Now we’re cooking

IMG_2731Today we buttoned up the dash on the Camaro. The gauges have all been checked and passed. So we went ahead and installed the gauge cluster in the dash for the final time. We also installed the center dash cover as well. Moving along, it wont be long now.

Hit and run

IMG_2725 IMG_2727 IMG_2728 IMG_2734What we’ve got here is yet ANOTHER parking lot bump up. This time was a hit and run. This one too has had a previous repair. What we did was pull the dented area out, mostly by hand but we did use the stud welder to pull the deepest part of the dent out. After that we applied filler to the dented areas then blocked it out to ensure a smooth flat surface. We timed this repair with the repair of the bumper and Chris primed them both at the same time. We will paint this one tomorrow after the bumper on the BMW.

Bad Bimmer

IMG_2723 IMG_2729 IMG_2733What we’ve got here is a bimmer that didn’t look where it was going.  A victim of a minor parking lot bump up revealed a previous repair from a few years ago. We cleaned all that up, applied the correct type of repair material to the bumper, then blocked it out to make sure it was straight and smooth. We were able to get it primed today which means we will get this sanded and prepped in the morning. Then we will paint it.


IMG_2706 IMG_2708 IMG_2716 IMG_2714 IMG_2713Yesterday we painted the wheels on the 442. The car is getting all of its new stripes on today and tomorrow. With the exception of a few finishing touches, we are pretty close to wrapping this one up too. The new gold in these centers really  made these wheels stand tall again.

Bling Bling!

IMG_2721 IMG_2722We are still plugging along on the Camaro. Lots getting done here its just not worthy of pictures. Its hard to take pictures of brake fluid in the lines. But that’s whats been going on. The brakes are done, new calipers, shoes and such. All circuits are tested and working. It wont be long now at all before this one is started for the first time and we wrap things up here.

Bump and grind

IMG_2717 IMG_2718 IMG_2719 IMG_2720This Altima came in yesterday. It was the unfortunate recipient of a rear end collision. As you can see the damage is not too bad. I think we will be able to repair the rear body panel. A new tail light, and  a repair to the trunk and bumper and this one will be back on the road.

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