Daily Archives: October 23, 2013

Silver streak

IMG_2795 IMG_2794This is the Altima that we repaired yesterday. We blocked out the repair areas and sanded the rest of the panels for paint then we washed the car to ensure a nice clean job. Once all that was done, we put the car in the booth and taped it up for paint. Chris pulled the trigger on this one and he did a great job. Silver is one of those tricky colors and with a bit of instruction he had this one going with no problems.  Once all the silver was on, he then sprayed 2 coats of high solids clear coat. Tomorrow we will put it all back together and get it cleaned up for the customer and get it back to her. Im sure she will be glad to get it back.

Old friend back again

IMG_2792 IMG_2793This awesome little ’64 Beetle is back in the shop to get the rear fender repaired. We painted this car about 4 years ago and its still standing tall. The owner has a two car garage that he is able to fit 3 cars in, well most of the time. You see when he was backing out, he got a tad close to the garage door and it just barely scraped the paint off. Kinda like a slight knick shaving. There was no dents, just shaved paint. So, Chris and Jordan jumped right on it this morning. They removed the bumper and tail light then the fender beading. Chris then blocked out the scratch in the paint until it was smooth, then he primed it in. Late in the day Jordan blocked out the primer and sanded the rest of the fender for paint.  We will get this in the booth in the morning and sling some paint on it.

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