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Color me bad

IMG_2943 IMG_2944 IMG_2945 IMG_2946The Maxima took its turn in the booth first thing this morning. We started by sanding the bumper to ensure proper adhesion. We then slid the bumper in the booth and taped up the areas that we didnt want to get paint on. A coat of sealer, 3 coats of color and 3 coats pearl then 2 coats of clear. Because the bumper was painted early enough in the day, we were able to get it all back together. It also got washed today. Quick turn around keeps the customers happy.

Need a lift?

IMG_2931 IMG_2932 IMG_2933 IMG_2934 IMG_2935With all the other things going on in the shop today, we still managed to make some time to get the body off of the Chevelle. We had the lift installed last week and its first job is to hold this body for a while. The owner wanted the bottom of the car to be painted just like it was from the factory, so, we are giving him what he wants. This will also allow us to paint the frame properly and install new body bushings and any thing else that needs to be done.

Its a wrap

IMG_2938 IMG_2937 IMG_2936We wrapped up the Versa today. We put the finishing touches on the assembly this morning then sent it to get cleaned up. The owner will take delivery tomorrow. It turned out pretty good.

Time for bed

IMG_2940 IMG_2941 IMG_2929The bed side for the dually had its turn in the booth today. Jordan sanded it and the inner fender as well as the support brackets this morning. Next he put them in the booth and prepped them for paint. We started with a full coat of sealer on all parts followed by 3 coats of color then 2 coats of clear. Unfortunately, we didnt get a picture after we cleared the parts. Tomorrow we hope to get the truck in the booth and paint the doors. The last picture you can see that Jordan has sanded the primer areas and is scotching the rest of the panels. Its not a fun part of the job, but its one of the most important.

Maxima repair

IMG_2930 IMG_2939 IMG_2942This Maxima came in today to get the front bumper repaired. There was a slight bump on the front bumper that caused a knot in the plastic. We started by heating up the knot and pushing it down as flat as possible. We then sanded the area and used the proper bumper repair filler to do the final straitening. We then primed the area. Tomorrow we will sand the rest of the bumper, prep it up and get it painted.

A hunting we will go….

IMG_2925 IMG_2926This dually came into today to get a repair on where a deer went hunting for Chevy. The owner was driving home late one night and saw the deer, gave him all the room he could but instead the deer decided to slam right into the side of his truck. As you can see from the pictures, he did quite a bit of damage. Two decent dents in the metal doors and he totally demolished the bedside then, ripped the metal brackets out from under it as well. Dont worry about the deer though. If this didnt do him in, the trailer he was pulling surely did. Fortunately there was no damage done to it. So, we did get the old bedside off today and we were able to get the dents fixed in the doors. We will get primer on them tomorrow and if all goes well, paint the bedside tomorrow too. We will have to paint this truck in shifts. Since these bedsides are fairly easy to install with several people, we will paint it off the truck to allow us to get all of the edges. Monday we will get the doors painted then put this truck back together. A repair that looks really bad, but not a bad fix.

Come together

IMG_2924 IMG_2922 IMG_2918While I was painting the Versa, Chris was working hard on the Camaro. He did get the combination figured out on putting the vent windows back together as well as how to put the back quarter glasses back in. You see, when you are not the person who took things apart, its really hard to figure out how they go back together. But as usual Chris gets things figured out. His patience really pays off on things like this.

Look at that SHINE!

IMG_2919 IMG_2920 IMG_2921Today was a great productive day. We did get the Versa painted today. We started by blocking out all of the body work. We then sanded the panels with a dual action sander. After that we used a scotch bright pad to sand the edges and nooks and crannies. We then put it in the booth and masked off all the areas we didnt want to get paint on. As usual, a coat of sealer over the new panels and primer areas. After that flashed off, we applied 3 coats of color followed then by 2 coats of clear. The car turned out great. We will get the bumper painted tomorrow and start putting it back together. We are moving right along now.

2 on 1

IMG_2883 IMG_2885 IMG_2898 IMG_2882 IMG_2904 IMG_2906 IMG_2907 IMG_2910Things have been very hectic around the shop the past few days. This Versa came in last week to get an new fender, door and the rest of the side repaired. While it was here the owner wanted to get an older claim fixed where a basketball goal fell on the roof. We got started right away on the side repair but had to wait until the other claim could be processed. Well that happened today. Last week we did get the new front door and fender installed and the rear door fixed. Today we were able to get the roof repaired and primed. Tomorrow the plan is to get the car painted then spray the bumpers on Thursday. Hopefully this means we will be putting this one back together on Friday.   You can see in the pictures that on the roof repair we used the stud gun. This tool welds a small stud to the panel, the using a special puller, we pulled the metal back into shape. Once we have the metal where we want it, we grind the studs off. This makes straightening the panel much easier and allows for the use of less body filler. There is lots of work left to do on this one, but it is moving along nicely.

Two of 2

IMG_2870 IMG_2871 IMG_2872 IMG_2873 IMG_2875 IMG_2876 IMG_2877 IMG_2878 IMG_2879 IMG_2880This Land Cruiser was the “other’ vehicle from yesterdays post with the Prius. This is the one that the Prius hit. Both had about the same amount of damage. We started by removing the front bumper and the broken flare. We then pulled out the fender and straightened the bracket holds the fender and bumper together right there. We then tapped out the dent that was in the fender and sanded smooth the bad spots in the bumper. We used body filler on the fender to smooth out the rest of the dent. Once the body work was done, we primed the bumper and the fender.  A few hours later, we blocked out the primer and prepped the bumper and fender for paint.  We had a little time this afternoon, and thought we would go ahead and slide it in the booth to get it ready for tomorrow. Next thing I know we were spraying the clear on it. Sometimes things just go smoothly. The Prius and this Land Cruiser definitely fell into that category.

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