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Taking a squat

IMG_3001IMG_3104 IMG_3102The owner of the el Camino had the car lowered 2-inches all around when the car was assembled,  using drop spindles in the front and lowering springs in the back. While he liked the stance at the back, he was never happy with the front, claiming the car appeared to be riding nose high. Even though we measured and the car was sitting dead level, it did appear to have a nose high attitude because of lines of the car. But no longer.

Last week the owner showed up with a box. Inside the box were two new front springs, an inch shorter than the stock springs he had installed on the front of the car. After swapping the spring we set the car back on the ground and lowered the lift. The car kept settling, and settling … and settling, until it finally stopped. The new springs lowered the car 1.25 inches in the front, tucking the front wheel up just inside the lip of the fender. You can see the difference between the stock springs, in the first photo and the one inch lowering springs in the second. As the car sits, it has been lowered 2 inches in the back and a total of 3.25 inches in the front.

The owner stopped by today and was well pleased with the new, more aggressive, stance, stating that now the car looks like he always imagined it would look with the 2-inch drop. Far be it from me to disagree with how the owner wants his car to look … especially when he’s right.

While we had the car on the lift, the owner asked that we take a shot of the underside for him as he hadn’t see the car up in the air since the car has been completed. Looks pretty good, if I do say so myself, and with the bedliner coating the bottom of the car, tough enough to withstand anything normal driving is likely to dish out as well.

Little pull, little tug, little grind, little weld

IMG_3115 IMG_3114 IMG_3109 IMG_3110Today we received almost a whole shop full of parts to get this Equinox back together. We started with trimming out the fender and structure pieces that holds the headlamp and fender together. We removed the old bent metal, fit the new part and test fit the fender to ensure it all lines up. Once we were happy with the fit, we welded it up. We then smoothed the welds and sealed it all up. Once that was dry we painted the area to make the repair as close to factory as possible.  We also fixed the dent in the hood today and disassembled the door for painting. Tomorrow we will get the fender back on and prep the car for paint. Who knows, we may even get some color on it tomorrow. If we’re lucky.

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