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Not so Grand Marquis

IMG_3283 IMG_3282

This Grand Marquis also came in today to get these bent up parts replaced. While I was painting the Mustang parts, Jordan and Chris were disassembling this one. A new left fender, front bumper and headlamp assembly is on the list. Once we got it all apart, we discovered the header panel was all broken up. The header panel holds the grill and head lights in the car and fills the area in front of the hood and above the bumper. This one is on hold while we wait for the insurance company to approve the broken parts we found. As soon as we get the ok, we will get back on it ASAP.

Side swiper, no swiping

IMG_3284 IMG_3285 IMG_3286 IMG_3291This CRV was involved in a minor side swiping accident in a parking lot. We will be repairing the right fender and right front door and replacing the black moldings that were scratched up. Today we removed the damaged moldings, side mirror, and door handle. We used a stud welder to pull out the sharp dent that is in the fender. The other minor dents will be smoothed over with body filler. We will get to that tomorrow. Just not enough hours in a day.

The tid bits

IMG_3279 IMG_3280 IMG_3281 IMG_3287 IMG_3288 IMG_3289 IMG_3290We spent a big portion of the day prepping  and painting these parts for the Mustang. We hope to get this one put back together through out this week. We will do some buffing on the lines to make them less pronounced. We started with masking off the rear window louvers. We had to install them on the car to be sure the lines line up. Once we were sure the lines were right, we took the louvers off and set them up on a stand. We then finished up masking them off. We then papered up the bumpers and spoiler. We had to install the spoiler too to be sure the lines lined up.  Once all the green was sprayed, they were cleared. They really turned out great. I cant wait to see it all back together. This one will definitely stand out.

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