Daily Archives: January 15, 2014

Color it done

IMG_3326 IMG_3327Remember this little Prius? The one that got into a fight with a fence? Well, it got its day in the booth today. Unfortunately we didnt get any pictures of it cleared. I did remember to snap a couple of shots during the base coat steps. Once it was in the booth and prepped for paint, I sprayed a coat of sealer on the repaired areas. This helps with adhesion and helps the color cover better. Once that was dry, we sprayed about 3-4 coats of base coat. This is also called the color coat. You can see that it looks very dull. Well, I had taken a picture of it with clear on it you would see that color come to life. The clear gives the color what it needs for protection and to make it shiny. After the clear had dried, we had just enough time to put it back together. In the morning it goes out to clean up.

Another one down


We put the finishing touches on the Grand Marquis today. Well almost. Tomorrow it gets an alignment to be sure it goes straight down the road. Anytime a vehicle is hit in the wheel, its bes to get it checked out to prevent tire wear and for safety reasons. We did get it all built back today and even sent it over for a bath. Owners always like getting their cars back nice and clean.

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