Daily Archives: January 20, 2014

Now we’re jambing

IMG_3369 IMG_3381 IMG_3370 IMG_3371 IMG_3373 IMG_3380 IMG_3372Today we worked on getting the jambs painted. Jordan spent most of the morning getting them ready for paint. After lunch we slid it into the booth to get it masked up and prepped for paint. After masking, we wiped it down and applied a coat of sealer. Once the sealer dried I applied 3 coats of the fantastic Ford burgundy color the owner picked out. We backed that up with 2 coats of clear. Tomorrow the plan is to finish sanding the car and get the hood and trunk re-installed on the car. With any luck this one will be back in the booth later this week getting its 2014 update.

A hunting we will go

IMG_3361 IMG_3362 IMG_3364This Explorer came in today to get a face lift. The owner went hunting and caught a deer with the front bumper last week. The parts were ordered last week and we disassembled it today. We should be getting those parts in tomorrow if all goes well.

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