Fun times

IMG_3396 IMG_3413 IMG_3410 IMG_3409 IMG_3415 IMG_3417 IMG_3419Chris spent the morning working on this Mustang while I was smoothing in the recessed area on the other Mustang we have in the shop. Once I reached a stopping point, I jumped in to help Chris. It was just in time to pull it outside and to scotch brite all the edges and wash it. Good thing it was about 35 degrees out this morning. The water only “felt” like it was going to freeze on the car.  We then let it drip dry for a few hours. Once it was dry, we started blowing it off and wiping it down again, in preparation for taping it up. While the parts for the Explorer were drying, we started taping this one up. Knowing how long it takes to paint a car all over and knowing how much time is added to the job when you paint stripes, we chose to get a head start on painting this one today. As with every car we paint, a coat of sealer was applied to the entire car. Once that was dry, 4 good coats of color were sprayed. This is where we stopped today. Tomorrow the plan is to tape off the stripes, spray them, then clear it. Not too bad for a days work.


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