Daily Archives: January 22, 2014

Mustang part 2

Must must3 must2 must1 must4 must5 must6Continuing on the Mustang today with the painting of the stripes. Yesterday we applied the color to the body, today we laid out the stripes and cleared the body. We started this morning by taping up the stripes. Once we were satisfied with the way they looked, we masked off the rest of the red, then sprayed 4 coats of silver for the stripes. Once that was dry, we unmasked the stripes, then sprayed 3 coats of high solids clear on the body. We still have the bumpers and spoiler left to paint and stripe but this is moving along rather nicely. Hopefully by the end of the week we will be done with all of the painting. Then we will start buffing out the car for the super high gloss finish then reassembly.

Back to Exploring

Holt Holt1Chris and Jordan had the task of putting the Explorer back together today while I was painting the Mustang. As you can see, the repair turned out very nicely. All new parts on the front end returns this returns it to its former glory. This one will be ready for delivery tomorrow after it gets washed up, IF, the temperatures allow it.

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