Daily Archives: January 23, 2014

Bed time

IMG_3427 IMG_3426This F350 came in a little over a week ago. It has been at the frame shop for the past few days which worked out good because the bedside that is getting replaced has been on back order. We got the parts in yesterday and the truck back today. We got right to work on removing the bed off.  As you can see we did manage to get it off. Tomorrow we hope to have the bedside completely off and the new one installed.

Hole be gone

IMG_3420 IMG_3421Here is the finished product for plugging the hole on this Mustang hood. After gluing a filler piece in the recessed area and finishing it off with the proper products for plastics this is the result. We still have to prime this area and block it again but all the hard work is done.

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