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Gotcha covered.

IMG_3442Remember the black Mustang with the single, center green stripe?  Well this is an engine cover made by the car owners dad. We put a nice black base coat on it a couple of weeks ago then the owner took it to a local air brush artist to paint the running horse. Once he was finished with it, it was returned to me for clear coat. Well here is the finished product.  I think it will add the perfect finishing touch to the car. If you would like to see more of his covers you can visit his site here.  http://burnscustomenginecovers.com/


IMG_3438Chris sure is glad today is over and this bed side is off. While I was painting the Mustang and Jordan was painting the engine compartment, he was working on getting this bent up side off. The problem with this side was that it had been replaced before. Which means that you can no longer see where the welds are. When you cant see the welds, you dont know where to drill. Finding each weld is almost impossible and very time consuming. When you are working on a panel that is factory installed, you can see a circle in the metal where the robot welded the panels together. Its really easy to find them.  Through much perseverance he succeeded. Monday we will start fitting the new panel, and get it welded up. We will be on the down hill side of this one then.

Another booth full

IMG_3439 IMG_3440 IMG_3429 IMG_3430 IMG_3437Ahhh,  The last of the parts to be painted for the ’95 Mustang. We spent all day painting these and laying out the stripes. With it all painted its now time to start wet sanding it to give it the real High Performance Finish. While I was slinging paint, Jordan had the task of painting the engine compartment. We would normally paint the engine compartment the color of the car on a late model car, we elected to go with blacking it out on this one. There was no need to pull the engine and with all the parts, wires and gizmos that get bolted to the sided of the compartment, black was the best way to go. Next week we will start the buffing process and reassembly.

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