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Cadillac that got whacked, dont talk back

IMG_3491 IMG_3490 IMG_3489This Cadillac took a pretty hard hit to the drivers door and fender. It was hit hard enough to push the post in that holds the door on. We will have to get the door and fender off tomorrow to see how bad the damage is for sure then get it over the frame shop to get the post pulled back out and into specifications. We will then fit the new door and fender. After everything lines up properly we will prep the car for paint. Then it will be back on the road before you know it.

Beds on

IMG_3487As you can see, the bed is back on the F350. We had to borrow a couple of strong backs from the wonderful guys at Southern Tire to give us a hand lifting it. Once it was on, we installed the bolts in the 5th wheel and the stock bolts that hold the bed on. We also installed the tail lights. The new rear bumper is built and ready to go on. We just ran out of time today. We will also install the new tail gate tomorrow. We should get this done by lunch tomorrow and if its warm enough, we will get this one cleaned up for the customer.

She’s got a ticket to ride

IMG_3485Today we were able to get the fenders, rocker moldings, front and rear bumpers all back on. We also put the rest of parts on that were taken apart for the repair process. We did finish it in time to get it over to one of our detail shops to give it a deep cleaning. If  Murphy doesn’t rear his ugly head, this Pony will go home tomorrow. The owners should be super exited to see it. We have done a couple of things to the car they don’t know about or gave us permission to do. Nothing over the top, just a small touch here and there. Hopefully, they like it. That’s why there has not been any outside pictures, or ones overall of the car. The suspense is killing me.

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