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Yes, one more Mustang

IMG_3497 IMG_3496 Yes, we have one more Mustang to go.  This one will be getting stripes as well but not racing stripes. These pictures were taken right after washing it. So although it doesnt look sanded, it really is. The water is making it look shiny.  We are going to try to have this one in the Hot Rod Expo as well, if all goes smoothly. Stay tuned to see the style of stripes that get painted on this one. It will be a first for us.

On the mend

IMG_3495 IMG_3494 IMG_3493This CTS is in the shop to get the door and fender replaced. I knew the A post was pushed in when I originally looked at the car. Now that the door is off, you can really see the damage. Monday this goes to our frame guy to get this straightened out. He will pull this post out to the factory specs then fit the door just to be sure everything fits correctly.

The finished product.

IMG_3499 IMG_3500 IMG_3501 IMG_3498Well, here is the finished project. We had a blast doing this one and  it turned out great. Racing strips, a body color change, painted “Mustang GT” in the door jambs and rear bumper and new head lights round out the custom touches. The owners took delivery today and couldn’t have been more happy with the job. I get the hint that there may be an argument or two on who gets to drive it. If you would like to see it in person, this car as well as 5 others that we have done will be at the Hot Rod Expo on Feb. 14th and 15th. Click the link for more information on the show.



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