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Rusty gets a face lift

IMG_3659 IMG_3657 IMG_3656 IMG_3670 IMG_3672 IMG_3673 IMG_3675 IMG_3677

This week has been very busy. Yesterday Rusty came in for a new paint job. We painted this truck a  little over a year ago but the owner wanted to change it up a bit. We started with sanding the entire truck. We then cleaned it all up and prepped it for paint. Once all the paint was sprayed, we sanded it all off.  Kinda counter intuitive, I know, but there is a method to this madness. The goal of the owner was to duplicate the old weathered look. We didnt really sand it all off but we did strategically sand areas to make it look like it worn and old. Once we had all the areas looking like we wanted, it was cleared. Not with regular clear but a flattened clear. It will have some gloss but not a full gloss like our other cars. Tomorrow we will get it untapped and out of the booth. Pictures tomorrow should look pretty cool outside. Not our normal work here, but very cool.

Carolina girl

IMG_3635 IMG_3631 IMG_3643 IMG_3641 IMG_3640We finally got a break in the action and was able to get the Chevelle in the booth today. We have been blocking on the body for a few days on and off. Yesterday we finally got it close enough to paint. We took special care to ensure the bottom of the car didnt get any overspray on it. If you remember we have already painted the frame and under side of the car. We started this paint job like all the rest. A full coat of sealer. We then sprayed 3 coats of the special blue color. We followed that with 3 coats of high solids urethane clear. Now that the body is painted, the next step will be to wait a couple of weeks to fully cure. Once that happens we will start the High Performance Finish part of this job, wet sanding and buffing. This job has really turned out great. The body on this car was very nice and straight before we even started and it really shows now.

Much better

IMG_3627 IMG_3626This BMW is pretty well wrapped up. We did get it painted today, early then late this afternoon Chris and I put it back together. This repair really went well. It goes to clean up in the morning and will be delivered tomorrow afternoon.

Tuff mudder

IMG_3628 IMG_3629 IMG_3630 IMG_3624 IMG_3625Today we painted the Jeep. Jordan worked on the frame while Chris prepped the parts for paint. We then masked off the areas on the frame that didnt need paint and Chris laid down the semi flat black. Once that dried we put the Jeep in the booth with the hood and grill. Those parts were painted and cleared. Tomorrow we will put these parts back on and get this Jeep back together so we can get it back to the owner.  I know they missed it over the snow days.

The frame game

IMG_3615 IMG_3617 IMG_3620This cool Jeep has been over at the frame shop for a couple of weeks. Although the damage wasnt that bad, it did need a new frame rail. Our frame guy tried to pull the rail before he replaced it but the efforts were in vain. The rail started to tear instead of pulling out. So, a new rail was ordered and because of the weather, the rail was delayed. We finally received the rail and had it installed. It was wrapped up today so we were able to get to work doing our part. A small dent in the hood was repaired and primed today. Tomorrow we will get the frame rail painted and with some luck also the hood.

Oh deer!

IMG_3619 IMG_3613IMG_3611 IMG_3612This very nice little BMW got into a wrestling match with a deer. The deer hit her instead of her hitting the deer. I put Chris on the removal of the bent fender first thing this morning. Once it was off he trimmed out the fender. We do this to put paint on all the edges of the fender. Areas that you cant get paint on after its on the car. Once the paint was dry, the fender was installed on the car. Unfortunately we did find a small little ding in the front of the new panel. We also fixed and primed it, along with a small dent in the door that was caused by the deer today before we left. Tomorrow, the plan is to get the new panel and the door sanded and prepped for paint and painted.

Ladies of JMC

The wonderful young ladies of JMC.

After a day off, we had a block party

IMG_3610 IMG_3609 IMG_3607 IMG_3606 IMG_3605 IMG_3604After taking a snow day on Thursday, Friday, Chris and I got right to work blocking on the Chevelle. Its been a pretty good while since we last worked on this one, but we are back on it hard and heavy. We spent most of the morning blocking out the final primer on the body. After lunch we went back over the flat area with a block one final time then we sanded over the whole body once more with a DA with a soft pad. This is to put non directional scratches in the primer. Sometimes you may see straight line scratches from blocking. The soft pad does away with these with out compromising the straightness of the panel.  We then started sanding the nooks and crannies of the door jambs and window openings. We didnt quite get that done on yesterday but we should on Monday no problem. Next week is supposed to be much warmer which will be just perfect for painting this beauty.  We did discover a few areas that needed a little more attention during this process, so before we left we shot a few coats of primer on those areas so Monday they will be good and dry and ready to go.

Snow Day!!

SnowMonster1Due to the snow, we have decided to stay home and play with our kids. We hope everyone stays warm and safe.  Now, where can I find one of these?

Caddi’s ready

IMG_3601This is the CTS that was painted yesterday. As you can see we did get it all back together today and even cleaned up for delivery. We are expecting a major winter storm tomorrow so the owner plans on picking it up early to avoid getting in the mess.

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