Daily Archives: February 17, 2014

The frame game

IMG_3615 IMG_3617 IMG_3620This cool Jeep has been over at the frame shop for a couple of weeks. Although the damage wasnt that bad, it did need a new frame rail. Our frame guy tried to pull the rail before he replaced it but the efforts were in vain. The rail started to tear instead of pulling out. So, a new rail was ordered and because of the weather, the rail was delayed. We finally received the rail and had it installed. It was wrapped up today so we were able to get to work doing our part. A small dent in the hood was repaired and primed today. Tomorrow we will get the frame rail painted and with some luck also the hood.

Oh deer!

IMG_3619 IMG_3613IMG_3611 IMG_3612This very nice little BMW got into a wrestling match with a deer. The deer hit her instead of her hitting the deer. I put Chris on the removal of the bent fender first thing this morning. Once it was off he trimmed out the fender. We do this to put paint on all the edges of the fender. Areas that you cant get paint on after its on the car. Once the paint was dry, the fender was installed on the car. Unfortunately we did find a small little ding in the front of the new panel. We also fixed and primed it, along with a small dent in the door that was caused by the deer today before we left. Tomorrow, the plan is to get the new panel and the door sanded and prepped for paint and painted.

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