Daily Archives: February 27, 2014

Rusty gets a face lift

IMG_3659 IMG_3657 IMG_3656 IMG_3670 IMG_3672 IMG_3673 IMG_3675 IMG_3677

This week has been very busy. Yesterday Rusty came in for a new paint job. We painted this truck a  little over a year ago but the owner wanted to change it up a bit. We started with sanding the entire truck. We then cleaned it all up and prepped it for paint. Once all the paint was sprayed, we sanded it all off.  Kinda counter intuitive, I know, but there is a method to this madness. The goal of the owner was to duplicate the old weathered look. We didnt really sand it all off but we did strategically sand areas to make it look like it worn and old. Once we had all the areas looking like we wanted, it was cleared. Not with regular clear but a flattened clear. It will have some gloss but not a full gloss like our other cars. Tomorrow we will get it untapped and out of the booth. Pictures tomorrow should look pretty cool outside. Not our normal work here, but very cool.

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