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Looking better

IMG_3602 IMG_3599As you can see we did get the fender for this Camry this morning. We quickly trimmed it out and once it was dry, installed it. Jordan prepped it up for paint while we were working on the Cadillac. Late in the day we were able to get it in the booth and went ahead and sprayed it. We started with a coat of sealer followed by 3 coats of base coat. Base coat is also known the color coat. Once that had dried, 2 coats of high solids clear was sprayed. The clear coat is the layer of paint that provides the shine and the protection of the base coat. Tomorrow we plan on getting this put back together and delivered back to the customer before the massive snow hits us.

Cadillac’s paint day

IMG_3587 IMG_3589 IMG_3590Friday we trimmed out this CTS. Today we installed the door and fender then prepped it for paint by blocking out the primer areas and sanding the rest of the panels to allow for proper paint adhesion.  Then we masked off the areas that we didn’t want to put paint on. This car has a 3 stage paint color on it. This means that there is a color coat, a pearl coat then a clear coat. We started with a coat of sealer, then followed that with 3 coats of color, then 3 coats of pearl then 2 coats clear. Tomorrow we plan on building the doors and reinstalling the front bumper. Not sure if it will be done in time for delivery tomorrow but Wednesday looks pretty promising.IMG_3594 IMG_3590

Parking lot mix up

IMG_3582 IMG_3583 IMG_3586 IMG_3592This Camry was involved in a  little bump up at very busy local shopping center. We will be replacing the left fender and repairing the door. We should have the fender in the morning. Once its trimmed out we will install it and get the door blocked out. With any luck we will get it painted as well.

Ranger danger

IMG_3570 IMG_3571 IMG_3572 IMG_3569This ’71 Ford Ranger stopped by the shop yesterday to say hello. We painted this truck about 4 years ago. The owner had done several modifications to the body himself before we started on this one and it really turned out great. This truck has a built 302 with a C4 transmission. A custom front bumper hood scoops, Cadillac tail lights, Fat Man front suspension with rack and pinion steering are just several of the modifications that were done to this truck. We are always glad to see customers out driving their hot rods and stopping by the shop to say hello.

Cadillac’s back

IMG_3556 IMG_3557 IMG_3558 IMG_3574 IMG_3561 IMG_3568 IMG_3567This Cadillac came back from the frame shop Friday morning. Chris and I went right to work on getting it ready to trim out. As you can see there are still a couple of wrinkles where the door was pushed in toward the dash from the accident. We removed the door and Chris disassembled it in preparation for paint. I worked on getting these  wrinkles repaired. Once the repairs were made and primed, it was time for lunch. It worked out really nice this way. The time we were gone, gave the primer time to dry. When we got back, we sanded the primer and set the door, fender and body up for trim out. This is the process where we paint the inside portions of the replacement parts the color of the body. Monday we will put the door and fender back on, prep the whole side for paint and hopefully still have time to paint it Monday.  With a little luck the owners will be back in their Cadillac on Wednesday.

Hello old friend

IMG_3563Yesterday Jordan got back to work on the ’71 Chevelle that we have had in the shop for  some while now. If you remember, this is the one that we painted the underside of the car Carolina blue. As of today we have the body in final primer and started blocking it out.  Jordan worked on the rockers and put the final touches on the seams where the quarter panels meet the rockers and the seams where the quarters meet the back window panel. We also found a couple of dents in the rockers that were fixed at this time too. We will finish blocking the body out to make sure we have the body as straight as possible then prime these areas one more time before painting. Once the body is painted we will be spraying racing stripes on this one as well. Follow that with a good wet sanding and buffing. This should give Ron something to polish on for quite a while.


IMG_3529 IMG_3543 IMG_3554This Z4 is back in the shop to get a new rear bumper. The owner, a repeat customer, got into a minor little bump up in his work parking lot. We are replacing the rear bumper with a new one from BMW. While we have it in the shop, the owner requested we fix a few scratches in his trunk while we had it. Sorry we dont have any pictures of the paint process. Our camera went home with Jordan yesterday and we didnt get any pictures of us painting it. Oh well, at least its all cleaned up and ready to ride for the weekend.

Grand finale’

IMG_3549 IMG_3551 IMG_3553 IMG_3534 IMG_3536 IMG_3537 IMG_3538 IMG_3545 IMG_3547 IMG_3548After a couple of weeks of hard work, here is are the results. We have had our share of Mustangs over the past 2 months and this one is the final one. We kept he color factory on this one with the addition of a Boss type stripe. The stripe, as you can see, is black. What you cant see is there is a bit of red metallic’s in the black. We also blacked out the rear on the trunk and the bumper as well as the Mustang letters in the bumper. The owner also asked us to install new custom grills.  Chris happily installed them, cant you tell?  We carried the black metallic theme onto the spoiler as well. The car really sits a lot lower than this. Its higher because the engine and transmission is out getting a freshen up too. New cams, pistons, headers, port and polish and a transmission rebuild to top it all off. Once this thing is back together, it will be as fast as it looks. Look for this car at the Hot Rod Expo at the Greensboro Coliseum next weekend. 2/14 and 15.


IMG_3526 IMG_3527 IMG_3528The Mustang make over is a little closer to being done. Chris worked the buffer today to bring the shine back up after all the wet sanding was complete. We started wet sanding it yesterday. 1000 grit followed by 2000 grit then finally 3000 grit paper.  When buffing, the best procedure is to start with a heavy cutting compound then switch to a light cutting compound followed by a light polishing glaze. Then a good ole fashioned hand polish will bring the shine back to life.  Chris was able to get 2 of the buffing steps complete. Tomorrow we will get the final polishing glaze done and the hand polish. We should have time to start putting it back together as well.

Cadillac Jack

IMG_3520It rained like cats and dogs a good portion of the day in Burlington today, so, the Cadillac didnt make it to the frame shop. It worked out fine anyway, our guy wasn’t there today. So we repaired the left rear door and left quarter that is from a previous accident. Not sure what happened here, but we told the owner we would fix this for them so we did.  I talked to our frame guy today and he said he should be in tomorrow so we will try again tomorrow.

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