Daily Archives: March 10, 2014

The storm wins again.

IMG_3703 IMG_3701 IMG_3700 IMG_3705 IMG_3698 IMG_3697The storm that hit last Thursday evening has left lots of damage in its wake. Not only did it have cars careening into ditches, but it was also causing plenty of trees to fall smashing everything in their path. These two vehicles came in today, victims of tree damage. Although they are not from the same tree, the owners do know each other. The Ram truck will be getting a new windshield as well as the roof, hood and left fender repaired.

The Journey will definitely be getting a new hood and a couple of small dents in the roof repaired. The damage on these could have been a lot worse. I have heard some trees have fallen right across the center of roofs and smashing them down to the seats. Thank goodness these were not that bad and that no one was hurt in the process.

Squashed bug

IMG_3706 IMG_3694 IMG_3695Ahh, this poor little Beetle got into a scuffle with a Nissan Xterra. Luckily it wasnt really all that bad. It could have been much worse. We will be installing a new fender, tail lamp assembly and bumper. The deck lid and rear apron will be repaired. We started by removing the bent up parts and fixing the rest. We had to do a little bit of welding on the apron to get it up to snuff. The lower lip that bolts the fender to the apron was damaged beyond repair, so we cut it out and welded in a new piece. The parts will take a few more days to come in but in the meanwhile we will get the body work wrapped up and in primer so we can keep this project moving along.

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