Daily Archives: April 2, 2014

One step forward….

IMG_3784 IMG_3785 IMG_3786 IMG_3788Back on the Equinox today. We were able to trim the doors and fender out yesterday, so today, we started installing them. The rear door went on with out a hitch. The front is going to need some attention. When the accident happened, it bent the A-post ever so slightly causing the door to not fit quite right. We will have to send this off to our frame shop to get it squared away. Its not really a major problem, but it will have to be fixed. Once we get it back from the frame shop, we will have to do a small amount of body work and paint in that area. The A-post is the portion of the vehicle where the front door hinges bolt to the body of the car. Its the area where Jordans hands are in the last picture. I will keep you posted on this one but unfortunately it will probably be next week.

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